Saturday, 20 January 2018

The £3 BLINDING Highlighter You Need

So my boyfriend very kindly brought me two of the Primark highlighters to try out for Christmas and I am loving it, to say the least! I am a super big highlighter fan and I have the firm belief that you can never have too many highlighters, right? so I happily added them to the family. They don't have the names of the shades of them so I'm going to have to try and do my best to describe them, which is something I do terribly all honestly so I apologise now for my awful shade descriptions. Ohhh did I add that Primark makeup is also cruelty-free! great products for great prices and also no animal testing sounds ideal in my books!

Both highlights have a rosy glow to them one more than the other, the first highlighter has a silver glow with highlights of pink in it to add some colour to the highlight (so you don't just have a silver strip going across your face!)  And the second one is a very pink highlighter for my skin tone it would work perfectly as a blush topper for everyday wear. When I'm doing MUA inspired looks it's amazing as it just adds that extra dimension to your work.

Both highlighters are on the more intense side of the highlighter spectrum and I love it! For only £3 you can get something comparable to the high-end value. If suttle is your thing I would recommend just applying a very small amount of the highlighter or even staying away from these highlighters as they are very blinding. The formulation is creamy and rich and it has surprised me as I do not find the formulation chalky at all! This might just be with the two shades I have tried out but I am pleasantly surprised with the great value that these highlighters are priced as they are actually really good quality

Would I recommend them? Yes, I would, I personally think they are amazing for the price and quality wise they are superb. Primark is stepping up the game for drugstore makeup for sure.

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