Monday, 22 January 2018

Get The Glow | Know Your Highlighters

When first stepping into the beauty world might seem daunting, all these names for the same product but fear, not I have made a quick guide to understanding what each highlighter means.  
what does highlighter do? you may ask. 
It draws light into areas of your face and it helps to pop out those lovely features of yours! highlighter can come in ever loose, pressed powder, cream or even liquid there are so many ways of applying it to what fits your style and liking the best. Today highlighter comes in glitter and shimmers and it up to your personal preference which one you like better (i like shimmers more, to be honest, I just LOVE that glowy look when the light reflects off my face) but there is no right or wrong highlighter preference and don't let anyone tell you that there is as its makeup you can do it how you like it and how you feel comfortable wearing it to express yourself! 

First up we have liquid highlighters, these really give you that glow! every time I have been wearing this highlighter and there has been some sun out everyone compliments on how blinding my highlight is!  of course different brands will give you different types of highlighter effects, some may be dewier and others may be blinding. Liquid highlighters can be applied with your hands or with a beauty blender, I find a beauty blender works best as it evens out the product and really blends it into your skin.

Next, we have creme highlighters, these happen to be my least favourite because I find them difficult to work with but if you are more skilled with makeup they might come easier to you. these are ideal for combination/normal but there are no rules if you have dry skin or even oily skin you can still love creme highlighters. creme highlighter sare normally said to be the easiest to work with but I personally find if you don't know what you are doing it can look cakey very easily.

loose highlighters are designed to give you that Instagram blinding glow, they are not often found in drugstores but lots of independent makeup shops sell high quality ones which will make you be glowing!

last but not least is pressed highlighters these are the most versatile as you have all different types of finishes with them you can have natural, dewy and blinding + lots more! They come in different price ranges for what quality you want but that's not always the case as highlighters are becoming more popular production companies can make them for cheaper as there is such high demand for them so that's how you can buy highlighters like this Primark one for as little as £3 and get a non-chalky formula!

whats your favouite type of highlighter? why do you like it? would you recomend it?

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