Wednesday, 7 February 2018

The £6 Naked 3 Dupe

Barry M has a product on the market which is a very near dupe to the urban decay naked 3 palettes I have to say myself, this eyeshadow palette retails for £6.49 and its a Superdrug exclusive and you get 8 shades which range from metallics to mattes 

the first swatch is the urban decay naked 3 palettes and the second swatch in the row is the Barry M super natural palette

As you can see there is not much difference between the both of the shades in comparison to each over but there is some slight shade differences with a couple of the shades which is something to bare in mind, but nothing too outrageously different. The formulation is creamy and soft but a bit more chalky than the naked 3 palettes but then again its a £6 eyeshadow palette in comparison to a higher-end one so what do you expect?

overall I am very impressed with how the eyeshadow palette compares to the naked 3 pallete! Do you need this eyeshadow palette if you already have the naked 3 one? no. they are too similar but it is a lovely palette with some gorgeous rose gold tones

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Tuesdays Haul - Physicians Formula, La Girl

As I have some birthday money burning a hole in my pocket I had to spend it on makeup (obviously) I mean what else would ever spend any money on? aha. So I ordered some chunkey glitters from Evol cosmetics and also some gemstones and they arrived today. Also, I brought a replacement for my La Girl concealer in porcelain which I love! 
From Physicians formula I brought two powders, the one in the blue case is for when i fake tan as i find the powder thqat i use at teh moment is too light for my skintone when i am more tanned. The bronzer in the brown packaging is just super cute I love the mini tassele it has on it! super cute! 

hope you enjoyed this quick little blog post and if you did what was your favourite item from this haul? 

Monday, 29 January 2018

Morphe 35O2 review – Second nature eyeshadow palette + Swatches


So morphe released the 3502 palette to celebrate the two years release of the 350 palette so this is basically a remastered version of the original one. If you haven't been living under a rock in the beauty industry you would know that the 350 have taken the world by a storm being one of the first eyeshadow palettes that gave you purely warm tones for a reasonable price and with the quality still being there. so it's no surprise that morphe released another version of the fan favourite! Don't worry I do talk about the palettes being similar but they are very different in there own unique way  such as how the 3502 has a black shade whereas the 350 does, not I personally love how this palette has a black in it as I find that you can add so much more dimension into looks than you could have done before. They also have been listening to the fan base as they included a plastic sheet which includes all of the names of the shades, which is something that a lot of other morphe products don't have.

The packaging comes in a sleek box which has the new morphe logo on which I LOVE as its more professional looking than the older one I personally think, what do you think about it? I think it shows progression with the company and how they are maturing. A Thing I like is that there is bubble wrap pouch inside the box to add extra protection to the eyeshadow pans to ensure they do not crack. 

I am very impressed with how they swatched and how pigmented they are. I think this palette is great for people at all levels of skill and I would certainly recommend it to anyone whos looking for a great and affordable warm toned pallette! 

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Barry M Crown Jewels | Review and Swatches

Barry M released three new eyeshadow palettes last year Crown Jewels (which is limited edition), Meteor Shower, and Fall in Love. and I've had my eyes on them ever since but could you blame me they are absolutely gorgeous! Crown Jewels and fall in love are only just £6.49 which makes them a relatively cheap product, even for drugstore prices, but the question is will the quality be there? And Meteor Storm retails for £9.99 which is slightly more expensive but still a good price.

I have to say that I fell in love with the metallic blue the first time I saw it, I have nothing like it in my collection so far and I really wanted to experiment with to see how it looked, which is why I used it in my eyeshadow look below as it is such a lovely shade! Inside the cardboard packaging, there are 10 metallic eyeshadow shades which are both a mixture of cool and warm tones but I will say there are far more warm tones in the palette than cooler ones. 

The initial swatches didn't impress me as much they were okay but nothing outstanding but this is a £7 eyeshadow palette so how good are you expecting it to be? When I applied it to my eyes I was shocked at how pigmented all the colours were and how nicely they blended together.

I would say that this palette is quite difficult on its own to make a look out of, as they are are all metallics but barry m sells a pallet for the same price called fall in love which I think would pair lovely with crown jewels! but nevertheless, that is extra money spend you have to spend on a palette to get a complete look. But you can certainly make a look with this eyeshadow palette but don't get me wrong it is quite difficult to.

Honestly, i love this palette and I find it such a shame this isn't part of their permanent collection as it is so lovely I might just have to pick up another one to be on the safe side!

Friday, 26 January 2018

10 Birthday Blog Posts Ideas

So my birthday is coming around the corner and I'm super excited about it! and I'm planning to do some blogs posts about it! and while I was brainstorming ideas I thought why not share them with you guys, so I hope these ideas can be useful for you sometime

  •     What I Got For My Birthday
  •     My Birthday Makeup
  •     My Birthday OOTD
  •     27 Things I Learnt When I Was 27
  •     Birthday Gift Guide
  •     The Birthday Cake Recipe You Need To Know
  •     What I Want For My Birthday
  •      What I Am Planning To Do On My Birthday
  •     Birthday Gift Guide

I hope these ideas were useful and if you do decide to use them, make sure to comment below as I would love to read your blog post!

Monday, 22 January 2018

Get The Glow | Know Your Highlighters

When first stepping into the beauty world might seem daunting, all these names for the same product but fear, not I have made a quick guide to understanding what each highlighter means.  
what does highlighter do? you may ask. 
It draws light into areas of your face and it helps to pop out those lovely features of yours! highlighter can come in ever loose, pressed powder, cream or even liquid there are so many ways of applying it to what fits your style and liking the best. Today highlighter comes in glitter and shimmers and it up to your personal preference which one you like better (i like shimmers more, to be honest, I just LOVE that glowy look when the light reflects off my face) but there is no right or wrong highlighter preference and don't let anyone tell you that there is as its makeup you can do it how you like it and how you feel comfortable wearing it to express yourself! 

First up we have liquid highlighters, these really give you that glow! every time I have been wearing this highlighter and there has been some sun out everyone compliments on how blinding my highlight is!  of course different brands will give you different types of highlighter effects, some may be dewier and others may be blinding. Liquid highlighters can be applied with your hands or with a beauty blender, I find a beauty blender works best as it evens out the product and really blends it into your skin.

Next, we have creme highlighters, these happen to be my least favourite because I find them difficult to work with but if you are more skilled with makeup they might come easier to you. these are ideal for combination/normal but there are no rules if you have dry skin or even oily skin you can still love creme highlighters. creme highlighter sare normally said to be the easiest to work with but I personally find if you don't know what you are doing it can look cakey very easily.

loose highlighters are designed to give you that Instagram blinding glow, they are not often found in drugstores but lots of independent makeup shops sell high quality ones which will make you be glowing!

last but not least is pressed highlighters these are the most versatile as you have all different types of finishes with them you can have natural, dewy and blinding + lots more! They come in different price ranges for what quality you want but that's not always the case as highlighters are becoming more popular production companies can make them for cheaper as there is such high demand for them so that's how you can buy highlighters like this Primark one for as little as £3 and get a non-chalky formula!

whats your favouite type of highlighter? why do you like it? would you recomend it?

Saturday, 20 January 2018

The £3 BLINDING Highlighter You Need

So my boyfriend very kindly brought me two of the Primark highlighters to try out for Christmas and I am loving it, to say the least! I am a super big highlighter fan and I have the firm belief that you can never have too many highlighters, right? so I happily added them to the family. They don't have the names of the shades of them so I'm going to have to try and do my best to describe them, which is something I do terribly all honestly so I apologise now for my awful shade descriptions. Ohhh did I add that Primark makeup is also cruelty-free! great products for great prices and also no animal testing sounds ideal in my books!

Both highlights have a rosy glow to them one more than the other, the first highlighter has a silver glow with highlights of pink in it to add some colour to the highlight (so you don't just have a silver strip going across your face!)  And the second one is a very pink highlighter for my skin tone it would work perfectly as a blush topper for everyday wear. When I'm doing MUA inspired looks it's amazing as it just adds that extra dimension to your work.

Both highlighters are on the more intense side of the highlighter spectrum and I love it! For only £3 you can get something comparable to the high-end value. If suttle is your thing I would recommend just applying a very small amount of the highlighter or even staying away from these highlighters as they are very blinding. The formulation is creamy and rich and it has surprised me as I do not find the formulation chalky at all! This might just be with the two shades I have tried out but I am pleasantly surprised with the great value that these highlighters are priced as they are actually really good quality

Would I recommend them? Yes, I would, I personally think they are amazing for the price and quality wise they are superb. Primark is stepping up the game for drugstore makeup for sure.
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