Sunday, 28 January 2018

Barry M Crown Jewels | Review and Swatches

Barry M released three new eyeshadow palettes last year Crown Jewels (which is limited edition), Meteor Shower, and Fall in Love. and I've had my eyes on them ever since but could you blame me they are absolutely gorgeous! Crown Jewels and fall in love are only just £6.49 which makes them a relatively cheap product, even for drugstore prices, but the question is will the quality be there? And Meteor Storm retails for £9.99 which is slightly more expensive but still a good price.

I have to say that I fell in love with the metallic blue the first time I saw it, I have nothing like it in my collection so far and I really wanted to experiment with to see how it looked, which is why I used it in my eyeshadow look below as it is such a lovely shade! Inside the cardboard packaging, there are 10 metallic eyeshadow shades which are both a mixture of cool and warm tones but I will say there are far more warm tones in the palette than cooler ones. 

The initial swatches didn't impress me as much they were okay but nothing outstanding but this is a £7 eyeshadow palette so how good are you expecting it to be? When I applied it to my eyes I was shocked at how pigmented all the colours were and how nicely they blended together.

I would say that this palette is quite difficult on its own to make a look out of, as they are are all metallics but barry m sells a pallet for the same price called fall in love which I think would pair lovely with crown jewels! but nevertheless, that is extra money spend you have to spend on a palette to get a complete look. But you can certainly make a look with this eyeshadow palette but don't get me wrong it is quite difficult to.

Honestly, i love this palette and I find it such a shame this isn't part of their permanent collection as it is so lovely I might just have to pick up another one to be on the safe side!


  1. Wow, this palette is a bargain and the colours look amazing! The look you created is absolutely stunning! x

    Cyber Mermaids | Alternative beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog


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