Monday, 29 January 2018

Morphe 35O2 review – Second nature eyeshadow palette + Swatches


So morphe released the 3502 palette to celebrate the two years release of the 350 palette so this is basically a remastered version of the original one. If you haven't been living under a rock in the beauty industry you would know that the 350 have taken the world by a storm being one of the first eyeshadow palettes that gave you purely warm tones for a reasonable price and with the quality still being there. so it's no surprise that morphe released another version of the fan favourite! Don't worry I do talk about the palettes being similar but they are very different in there own unique way  such as how the 3502 has a black shade whereas the 350 does, not I personally love how this palette has a black in it as I find that you can add so much more dimension into looks than you could have done before. They also have been listening to the fan base as they included a plastic sheet which includes all of the names of the shades, which is something that a lot of other morphe products don't have.

The packaging comes in a sleek box which has the new morphe logo on which I LOVE as its more professional looking than the older one I personally think, what do you think about it? I think it shows progression with the company and how they are maturing. A Thing I like is that there is bubble wrap pouch inside the box to add extra protection to the eyeshadow pans to ensure they do not crack. 

I am very impressed with how they swatched and how pigmented they are. I think this palette is great for people at all levels of skill and I would certainly recommend it to anyone whos looking for a great and affordable warm toned pallette! 


  1. There are some really gorgeous colours in this palette - it's very tempting! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  2. Morphe palettes are some of my favorites. I really enjoyed this palette and like it more than the 350. It has all the shimmers that was missing in the original. Great post!

    Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty

    1. morphe pallets are amazing, I used to think otherwise but this pallete has proven my newfound love for them! and yes I love the shimmers in this one! and thank you!


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